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Caprice finds success at the second meet of the season

As the competitive season comes in to full swing, Caprice athletes and coaches have sights set on improvement, consistency, and work ethic. At the second meet of the season, athletes competed yet again in figures and basic skills.

10& U Figures:

9th- Alayna Leung

10th- Joanna Li

11-12 Figures:

2nd- Isabelle Wright

5th- Molly Zhang

11th- Chrissina Lu

13th- Sol Park

16th- Freyja Mcneill Witzel

19th- Klara Nevrtalova

13-15 PS Figures:

2nd- Anne Chen

6th- Sophia Alafriz

7th- Reagan Burgmann

13th- Kaylie Baquian

16-20 Figures:

2nd- Miki Tsu

6th- Katherine Einstein

7th- Kate Seo

9th- Danika Miles

10th- Riley Tam

13-15 NS Figures:

4th-Lisa Tatarnikov

7th- Moe Zhang

9th- Naomi Madokoro

17th- Madison Le

19th- Alex Maliapen

21st- Emma West

24th- Alayna Michieli

27th- Eleanor Lee

Basic Skills:

3rd- Sasha Nixon

17th- Lisa Tatarnikov

21st- Naomi Madokoro

41st- Emma West

Junior Elements:

2nd- Sasha Nixon

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