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Jean Peters founded Burnaby's one and only synchronized swim, now known as an artistic swim club with Lorraine Rowland in 1972. Jean was the Caprice club's president and coach until her untimely death from complications from diabetes more than 25 years later.

Peters started the club with just seven swimmers and learned on the job, being solely responsible for all coaching, financial management, and administrative duties.

When numbers grew, Peters hired coaches and organized volunteers, while earning her level one coaching certificate.

Peters received a Burnaby Chamber of Commerce award for dedication to sport in 1987. Two years later, Caprice sent a master's team to compete internationally in Denmark. By 1990, she had a Caprice team competing in Calgary.


The following character qualities were considered when determining the award recipient:


  • Persistent work ethic

  • Encouraging others through words and actions

  • Dedication shown through attendance

  • An attitude of never giving up

  • Always speaks positively of the club, other clubs, and athletes

  • Looks for the best in others and tries to bring it out

  • Overcoming spirit when confronted with obstacles

  • Shows initiative and creativity in problem-solving

  • Maintains a positive attitude even when the results are not what was hoped for

  • Courageous and compassionate communicator


We are proud to present this award to the following recipients:

1995-96 Catherine Jones

1996-97 Carrie Hilko

2000-01 Christina Lovatt

2001-02 Tara Evans

2002-03 Amy Johnson/Lauren Seldon

2003-04 Lauren Matthews/Katherine Wallis

2004-05 Corina Hojan

2005-06 Chantice Hamm

2006-07 Claire Jonker

2007-08 Eli Hamm​

2008-09 Alina Aref’yeva

2009-10 Elizabeth Hanson

2010-11 Ela Stawarska

2011-12 Helena Diao

2012-13 Soheila Boscarino

2013-14 Anne-Marie North

2014-15 Kate Seo / Maddison Leroux-Pipe

2015-16 Danika Miles

2016-17 Claire Hein-Salvi

2017-18 Naomi Madokoro

2018-19 Katherine Einstein

2020-21 Anika Nomura 

2021-22 Penelope Holden-Goldsmith

2022-23 Sylvie Horychun

2023-24 Michelle Yang

Michelle Yang

Michelle Yang - Jean Peters 2024.jpg
Picture 3-2.jpg

"She brought out the best in all of us. She always had a smile on her face and she always did her very best"

-Lorraine Rowland

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