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Adults of all Levels

I just wanted to thank you for giving me the right clue about approaching that (seemingly easy) figure. Everyone in the Club is doing it, even the little Mermaids, and it looks great on everyone. But I simply got nowhere with it.


Until you taught me how to "put apples in the basket" - that's the scull I needed, as it held me in place. And sure enough, I felt "the breeze." Wonderful.

Caprice Swimmer, L.H., 2023

AGES 19+



Sundays 6:00-7:30PM


A beginner's workout program for those who are ages 19 and over and want to exercise and learn new synchronized swimming skills recreationally. Join us on Sunday's for the best workout you could have!

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AGES 19+

Times vary depending on team placements. Please email us for most accurate practice times. 

This program focuses on maintaining the love od sport for life. All athletes of all abilities and ages over 19 are welcome. There is an opportunity to attend up to three competitive events throughout the season. This supportive environment is the perfect place to develop and grow as an athlete no matter your age. Be challenged to reach your personal best – both individually and in team performance. 


Private and extra training available upon request. Extra routines are available for interested athletes.



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