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Caprice Athletes and Officials Honoured at Annual Synchro BC Awards Banquet

At the 2018 Annual Synchro BC Summit held in Burnaby, BC at Fortius Sport and Health, many members of Caprice were honoured for their outstanding achievements in the 2017-2018 season. Caprice was able to reflect on the many outstanding achievements of its members the Annual Awards Banquet.

Among achieving podium results in almost every category in the sport within the province, the following Caprice members were honoured by Synchro BC and presented their awards by Jacqueline Simoneau, one of Canada's top olympic athletes and Lisa Balcombe, one of BC's top Artistic Swimming Judges:

Olesya Kondrateva- 13-15 Athlete of the year

Olesya is the definition of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. While participating in an advanced school program, dedicating time to volunteering, and training Olesya put in her all into every single thing she did. Olesya showed up at the pool every single day ready to learn, grow, and become a better athlete. Olesya set goals for herself and did everything in her power to achieve them.

Maleka Rostami- 16-20 Athlete of the year

Maleka is a great athlete to coach and a wonderful teammate. From day one, she set the bar high for herself and pushed herself at every practice to make sure that her goals were achieved. After sustaining an injury midway through the season, she still showed up on deck for regionals to support her teammates. During recovery, she was incredibly driven to do what she needed to do to get back into the pool and start training again. Her drive and dedication fuelled her persistence for excellence in the sport.

Kalista Iten- Official of the year

Kalista Iten is the definition of excellence in sport. Last season, while attending university at SFU, Kalista also swam in the national Senior Solo category against some of the top national team hopefuls, coaches at Caprice, and was an acting member as an official at competitions. During her officials role, Kalista presented herself with confidence and knowledge amongst her peers. Kalista's efforts have been recognized by some of the top officials in the province and she has been named the Level 1-3 Judge of the year.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients!

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