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Caprice WINS BIG at first competition of the season!

This past weekend, Caprice athletes from all different age categories participated in the first Synchro BC competition of the season. Athletes were judged in their basic skills, speed swimming, elements, and figures at this first competition. Additionally, junior athletes from all around the province took part in the final stage of trials for the Canada Winter Games team, a process which is in its final stages after beginning one year ago. Among placing in the top rankings in all of the events, Caprice also held the top 11 of the 16 spots in the basic skills category.

10& U Figures:

10th- Alayna Leung

12th- Joanna Li

Both Alayna and Joanna are in their first year of artistic swimming and two of the youngest athletes competing in the 10& under category amongst seasoned veterans. They are also competing on the 11-12 team at Caprice.

11-12 Figures:

1st- Isabelle Wright

3rd- Molly Zhang

9th- Chrissina Lu

11th- Klara Nevrtalova

24th- Sol Park

36th- Freyja Mcneill Witzel

37th- Mia Jukic

Both in their final year of 11-12, Isabelle and Molly dominated the 11-12 category at this competition. Both athletes are currently a part of the T2T program with club member Chrissina Lu, all three hopefuls in making the 11-12 Team BC this summer. Chrissina, Klara, Sol, Freyja, and Mia are all competing in their first competitive season this year, some of them completing our synchro school or rec program last season.

13-15 PS Figures:

2nd- Anne Chen

3rd- Sophia Alafriz

7th- Kaylie Baquian

11th- Reagan Burgmann

Our 13-15 provincial stream athletes are dominating the 13-15 category this season. Anne, Kaylie, and Reagan are in their first year of 13-15 after successfully competing in the 11-12 category last season while Sophia is in her second year of 13-15.

16-20 PS Figures:

1st- Maleka Rostami

3rd- Riley Tam

7th- Kate Seo

9th- Katherine Einstein

After a successful season last year as BC's first ever provincial stream combo, our 16-20 athletes return this season to compete in the 16-20 team category, aiming for the same successes.

13-15 NS Figures:

3rd- Naomi Madokoro

6th- Lisa Tatarnikov

10th- Alex Maliapen

11th- Madison Le

13th- Moe Zhang

24th- Emma West

28th- Eleanor Lee

Veteran athletes Naomi Madokoro and Lisa Tatarnikov lead the new team in the national stream team this season who will be debuting in the 13-15 national stream category this season for the first time. Many of these athletes competed in the 13-15 PS category last season.

Junior Elements:

1st- Sasha Nixon

CWG trials:

3rd- Sasha Nixon

TID Basic Skills:

1st- Sasha Nixon

13th- Lisa Tatarnikov

27th- Noami Madokoro

42nd- Emma West

Basic Skills:

1st- Moe Zhang

2nd- Riley Tam

4th- Madison Le

5th- Alex Maliapen

6th- Eleanor Lee

7th- Anne Chen

8th- Sophia Alafriz

10th- Kate Seo

13th- Molly Zhang

14th- Isabelle Wright

16th- Katherine Einstein

30th- Kaileu Baquian

31st- Chrissina Lu

47th- Alayna Leung

72nd- Klara Nevrtalova

78th- Sol Park

82nd- Freyja Mcneill Witzel

84th- Mia Jukic

88th- Joanna Li

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